Project Description
WPF Localization Addin makes it easier for developers to extract localizable strings from XAML markup to resource files.
With it you can postpone localization of XAMLs to the phase closer to the end of your project, not bothering of it during development.
From tedious and error prone task, extraction of strings into resources becomes very easy.

Addin can be used with Visual Studio 2008 and 2010.

You can choose any of 3 supported approaches for XAML localization:
  • LocText Xaml extension;
  • x:Static reference to resource code-generated class, described e.g. here;
  • Binding to resource wrapper, described on MSDN site as example for Silverlight (can be used also for regular WPF). (This is the only compatible with Silverlight.)

XAMLs for all types of WPF applications (including Silverlight) are supported.
In nearest plans support of VB.NET projects (for now only C#).

New in Beta 1.0.2:
  • Ability to have separate XamlParseInfo.xml for each solution and reread it at each start.
  • Don't propose incompatible modes for Silverlight.
  • Ability to find all XAMLs in solution, containing unlocalized strings

Please see Screenshots Demo to find out what this addin is about and how to start working with it.

Visit Downloads page to get addin and Documentation page to see installation and setup instructions.
Please write you feedbacks, questions, requests into Discussions tab.

Part of project Resource Refactoring Tool was used - I want to thank creators!

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